Many companies interested in adopting Fuel saving technologies have the wrong impression that it only involves installing a device or using chemical additives. Predictably most of these solutions don't live up to the expectations and even if initially  successful, they usually fail over time due to erosion of work practices.

We had been active in the Fuel and Energy saving field for over 10 years and having met and worked across a wide range of Industries, technologies and work-cultures, we have learned that the success or failure of any Fuel saving technology or measure, depends on one sole criteria: The Human Element.

Realizing that a "one-size-fits-all" system seldom delivers optimum results, we have adopted a practical  approach towards providing a tailor-made Total-Solution Package for each individual client based on our thorough assessments of the client-side problems, the existing equipment and the prevalent work culture to reduce their Industrial Fuel consumption.

Therefore, before we take up any work, we first carry out a thorough study of the Client's equipment, work culture and commitment of the staff and management to implementing energy saving equipments and methods.


Our field of expertise includes designing Furnace Oil Emulsifying Systems, Diesel Saving Systems, implementing Fuel Handling and Usage monitoring Systems.

We also offer tailor made solutions for reducing Fuel consumption for Coal Fired Boiler users and Coal Gasifier users.


Some of our Core Focus Areas are:


1. Fuel Handling which includes testing , storage and quality control .

2. Combustion Effeciency.

3. Fuel Emulsification.

4. Sulfur Reduction in Fuels.

5. Hybrid Fuels Mixtures like Petcoke/HFO Emulsion, Colloidal Fuels

6. Coal Water Slurry Fuels ( with technology partners).

7. Clean Coal Technologies for PCC & Gasifier.

6. Oxide waste reduction in Steel Plants.

Industrial Solutions


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