Fuel Emulsification

The Assam Science And Technology Council

(ASTEC) has selected the EcoBlaze Biomass Stove Design for a development grant under its Innovative Technology Scheme.

When we embarked on designing the  EcoBlaze  Biomass Burner we realised that there is no real alternative to Firewood for millions of households, but that we can save Trees by using stoves having  more efficient combustion.

So our Objectives were :

  1. To create a practical Multifunction & Multi-fuel Wood/Biomass Stove.
  2. Having  thermal output comparable or exceeding LPG stoves.
  3. Which would release minimal smoke, solid and gaseous pollutants.
  4. Cost effective for all commercial establishments. 
  5. Affordable by most rural households as a long-term investment.
  6. Utilize long lasting materials like Stainless Steel & Refractories.


Achievements so far:

  1. Average fuel consumption with high flame : 3.5-4.5 Kg/hr wood chips or twigs.
  2. Pot bottom Temperature reaches 450 degree Centigrade.
  3. Inner  Gasifier Reactor core temperature reaches 650 degree Centigrade.
  4. Flame size and  intensity comparable to a Commercial gas stove.
  5. Boiling 3 Litres of water takes 12 minutes , same as Commercial . LPG stoves.
  6. Smokeless after 1st 5-10 minutes (depending on Fuel  moisture content).
  7. Hourly running cost does not exceed Rs. 15(0.15 cents USD)

There is a strong interest in Biomass as a renewable alternative fuel both as an Industrial Energy source as well as for domestic use. Biomass fuels such as rice husk, sawdust pellets are  slowly becoming utilized as fuel, and various designs of cooking stoves for industrial and domestic usage are also becoming available.

While the renewed interest towards renewable energy resources is laudable, unfortunately most of the Biomass Stoves available in the country today are unaffordable by  the people who need them the most.

An average Biomass Stove available in the market in India for domestic use costs anywhere between 250-500 USD while institutional ones cost anywhere between 500-1000 USD. So it's no wonder that not many of these are seen around. Secondly, most of these stove can only burn Biomass Pellets which are made from compressed wood waste, sawdust, sugarcane bagasse etc., which again become quite pricey by the time they reach the retail shelf and are not  easily available either.



The versatile EcoBlaze Stove has been designed to be a multi-fuel and multipurpose unit that can be alternatively used as Cooking Stove a room heater and a hot-water boiler.

Here it is being used to fire a Pizza Oven

Primarily, as a community service activity, R.A.D.E Initiative has been actively involved in designing a modular Biomass burner, which can serve as a Cooking Stove, a Room Heater and a Water Heater depending on the attachment. With trials being underway, the USP of our design is a lightweight, thermally efficient unit, corrosion resistant design which would break the existing price barrier once and for all.

R.A.D.E Initiative's EcoBlaze modular Biomass Burner is in the final testing stages and once passing all our parameters their designs would be available for distributed small-scale manufacturing so as to drive down costs and generate local employment.

Testimotial about EcoBlaze Stove Trial