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R.A.D.E Initiative (formerly Celeste Tech)  specializes in various spheres of Industrial Fuel conservation with a strong R&D driven approach. It is led by Ravi Deka, who has over a decade of Industrial experience in  Fuel Handling and Conservation across various sectors. He was a pioneer in introducing Heavy Fuel Oil Emulsification technology to the Steel sector in India and his efforts had been highlighted by none-other but   UNDP-GEF and the Indian Ministry of Steels, Govt., of India.

Recently we had joined hands with Delhi based Creatnet Technology to promote the use of Emulsified Fuels in India by offering Emulsification Services to high volume HFO consumers in India.

Ravi Deka in role as a CEO of Creatnet Technology and the company's activity had been featured in numerous online publications and prominent magazines like  Fortune India and Manufacturing Today.

The R.A.D.E team offers its expertise in designing and integrating Fuel Homogenizing, Emulsifying technology to industrial clients and provides various other contemporary technological solutions to reduce energy consumption in Furnaces, Boilers and Heaters.

R.A.D.E is also involved in the field of fuel conservation for heavy diesel engines and our unique Diesel Fuel Saver is a cost effective non-invasive device that saves an average of 10% fuel, improves torque and cleans up the emissions. 

We provide turnkey consultancy services for implementing Fuel Management systems, conversion to other fuels and for improving the efficiency in existing systems.

Earlier, much to his own surprise Ravi Deka discovered that his work hobby with engines had found him a place in the list of Innovators compiled by India Innovation Foundation, an organization of the Govt. Of India.

As a part of our community-welfare initiative we are also dedicating our time and effort towards creating a practical and cost effective Multi-Fuel Biomass Stove for use in the villages of hill regions where deforestation and smoke related health problems are endemic.

The Assam Science And Technology Council (ASTEC) has selected the EcoBlaze Biomass Stove Design for a development grant under its Innovative Technology Scheme.

Astec Exhibition Guwhati

We are participating in the “Ideas to Action: Let us Grow with Innovation” exhibition organized by Science & Technology Division, Assam Science Technology and Environment Council to be held in Guwahati on 7 & 8th of September 2016. 

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